Je négocie Inc.

International Trading Company Working With Professionals Worldwide


Je négocie Inc. is an emerging enterprise that provides international trading services and international transport for various industries such as Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Metal, Food, Minerals, etc. The company, incorporated and headquartered in Montreal, QC Canada, has established supply and trading partners in Indonesia, India, Korea, Kazakhstan, and the United Arab Emirates, etc. to source and serve all clients as needed.

Je négocie Inc. works closely with customers to ensure that they receive the most innovative and cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs. To assist our clients, realize their goals and create a brighter future, we negotiate on behalf of buyers and sellers in any given transaction to ensure safe, fair and equitable terms.

We are a competent and reliable partner to our customers based on the principles of honesty, ethics and integrity.


  • We provide our customers with first class service at budget-friendly prices. 
  • We have experienced and talented teams. 
  • We have extensive partners in the whole world. 
  • We provide specified solutions for various products. 
  • We are familiar to the different trading markets. 


Our clients tell us that we are unique for a variety of reasons, including:

  • In-depth and customized trading methods. 
  • Interactive techniques for trading. 
  • Specialized solutions for different products. 
  • Experienced and diligent colleagues. 
  • Extensive trading that covers the best trading markets. 
  • Extensive trading in a wide